The Program


We are a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization, our IRS # is 46-0992870.

Celebrating 12 Years of Training!

VCMT trains amateur runners/walkers to complete 1/2 Marathons while raising funds for a designated local Non-profit entity.

Our program is designed for all levels of ability. Whether you currently walk or run, this is the program for you. We offer one to one coaching with Dani, owner of Studio Sol ( Dani is a Natural Running Coach and Personal Trainer. She graciously donates her time to our program each Sunday morning and is available via email throughout the week during our summer-long training period.

Program Features:
Each participant is to raise a minimum of $500 and receives:

  • 12 Week Training Program for all levels to prepare for the Half Marathon or 5K
  • Free Entry into the Half Marathon or 5K
  • Encouragement and Fundraising Tips
  • An opportunity to build relationships with like-minded volunteers
  • End of season Celebration Party
  • A Race Shirt to Proudly Wear in the Race
  • Race day support!

You generally have 4 hours to complete each 1/2 marathon, this pace is about 22 minutes per mile.

99% of the participants who completed the VCMT program went on to complete either the Disneyland, Santa to the Sea or Ventura Half Marathon(s)!

Mantras Keep You Positive
When you focus on a positive mantra and say it over and over, you shift mental control to the frontal lobe and can gain control over your attitude.  This can stop the stress-induced negative attitude hormones and replace them with positive attitude peptides that lock into billions of cells throughout the body.

Here are our favorites:
Don’t give up
I can do it
This is my day
I feel good
I am strong
I have control
I’m getting it done
I feel confident
I’m running smooth
I will prevail
The spirit is strong

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